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Please visit the pages in Tech Info and Our Share in order to get acquainted with our vision, mission and to know how you can be a part in developing your - our motherland.
One can ask "just how we intend to go about to achieve our goals, our vision and complete our mission".

 Firstly, we need to understand the shortages and  requirements that are encountered in the North  East. Thereafter we need to find a way of  solving these issues by providing our expertise  and necessary technology.


Immediate needs in the North-East of Sri Lanka

  • To Identify sector based expertise and human resources - professional, skilled people especially from the Tamil Diaspora.
    • To assess needs correctly
    • To develop strategies relevant to conditions
    • For project development, management and documentation
    • To seek and direct funds from appropriate sources
    • To allocate and develop human resources
    • For sector based policy development
    • To develop a strategy and impart vocational training
    • To develop and deliver programs and projects with partner organizations
    • To build technical and management skills through institutional development and other collaborative programs.
    • To introduce Information Technology and Operational Systems to improve project delivery
  • To Advance Technology - for rapid development, and to keep with growing global competitiveness.
    • Through introduction of appropriate technology
    • Through technology and knowledge transfer
    • By investing in introducing technology
    • By providing training in adopting technology
  • To Develop institutions - financial and educational
    • To maximise retention of funds within war affected areas
    • To re-distribute funds encouraging local entrepreneurships
    • For appropriate policy development, resource management and technology transfer
    • To manage and coordinate "satellite" activities with the planning and development secretariat
    • To improve administrative capacity, void of unnecessary bureaucracy
  • To invest for the future - Build local capacity, for the future.
    • By building and initial seed capital for a Development bank.
    • By sourcing a project capital for social welfare program
    • By promoting income generation projects
    • By sourcing a capital for micro credit facilities
  • Alternate energy and Housing
    • Wind Energy and Solar Energy projects for Rural Villages and Community infrastructure
    • Eco-friendly housing at low cost to suit IDPs and to conserve natural resources
Rebuilding after Tsunami devastation
Immediate needs in the North-East of Sri Lank