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Construction of 172 temporary toilets

IDPs moved from Madhu Manthai west Manthai east Thunukkai and Karaichchi AGA divisions were provided with shelters in some parts of Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu districts. Due to the recent crises in Vanni. Almost all of then moved more than 3-4 times lost their belongings and their savings too. Construction of shelters and toilets were planned at the secretariat level meetings with INGOs.

Tech was provided with the construction of 172 temporary toilets in the following villages for the people in these shelters.

Villages Shelters Toilets
Kaddaikahdu 70 12
Kallaru 100 20
Kalmadunagar 200 44
Mylvayanapuram 100 16
Puliyam pokkanai 40 08
Punnaineeravi 40 24
Piramanthanaru 120 20
Ulavanoor 100 20
Muthuaiyankaddu 100 20
  870 172

 About 5,257,864 rupees have been spent for these toilets by Tech.

Further steps are being taken to construct more temporary toilets since the I D Ps live in common centers and camps need them.

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