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Loan to Self help group beneficiaries

Above group of beneficiaries are facilitated with loans in order to improve their economic condition since they do not have enough capital to do so. Here some people carry out their activities alone and some others as joint venturing after opening a bank account. Any individual who have no bank saving and inattentive to the meetings of RDS/ WRDS are disqualified in obtaining these loans.

In this manner about 05 beneficiaries succeeded in obtaining this loan facility at Ulavanoor village in Punnaineeravi Grama sevaka division on 20th of November 2008 at about 4.00 p.m. The social mobilizer Mr. K. Thevapalan convened this program as he presided over this function He explained the gathering of WRDS members that the loan must be used efficiently and effectively as they have to pay them back in time. The new members could be benefited from through their genuine activities only.

There about 95,000 rupees were allocated equally to those 05 beneficiaries.
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