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Training on environmental conservation

Programmed training on environmental conservation was conducted by the social mobilizer Ms. K.Sasikala with the facilitation of TECH and the assistance of NECCDEP on December 12th 2008 at about 9.30 am at Kandawalai maha vidiyalayam. Mr.N.Kalaisankar, the coordinator of ANRF, Mr.K.Thevapalan and Ms.M.Kalagini the social mobilizers of Punnaineeravi and Kandawalai respectively, the treasurer of  Kumarapuram WRDS, the secretary and treasurer of Kanadawalai WRDS  and the public were there Ms.K.Sasikala took the chair at that event.

On her speech the chairperson mentioned the public must be very serious regarding the cleanliness of their environment as recurrence of displacements takes place following that Mr.N.Kalaisangar stated that the habits of preserving edibles and drinking water, burning or dumping of waste organic substances and disposing inorganic substance must   be done at least once in a day. Use of antibiotics also must be the main concern with the use of articles related with wearing and other house hold items. There must be shramadhna campaign in every common center, at least once in a month in every village or town, as the weather condition changes frequently

Mr.K Thevapalan also spoke on cooperation of all categories in maintaining hygenic conditions in every common centre.
Vote of thanks was given by the treasurer of WRDS, Kandawalai at the end around 11.30 am.

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