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Loan to Self help group beneficiaries
Above group of beneficiaries are facilitated with loans in order to improve their economic condition since they do not have enough capital to do so.
16.12.2008 [Full text]

Construction of 172 temporary toilets
IDPs moved from Madhu Manthai west Manthai east Thunukkai and Karaichchi AGA divisions were provided with shelters in some parts of Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu districts. Due to the recent crises in Vanni.
16.12.2008 [Full text]

Training on environmental conservation
Programmed training on environmental conservation was conducted by the social mobilizer Ms. K.Sasikala with the facilitation of TECH and the assistance of NECCDEP on December 12th 2008 at about 9.30 am at Kandawalai maha vidiyalayam.
12.12.2008 [Full text]

Opening event of Training on repair and maintenance of water repair
The event conducted by Tech with the assistance of NECCDEP and the facilitation of Planning Secretariat, Kachcheri, was held on December 10 th  2008 at  about 9.30 am  at the preschool of Punnaineeravi, Nathan Scheme under the chair of Mr. M.Suntharamoorthy, the director of Tech.
10.12.2008 [Full text]

Training on Sewing Skill development
Training was conducted at the village of Kovilvayal which the facilitation of TECH and the funding of NECCDEP by the social mobilizer Mr. K. Kirupakaran on December 6th, 2008 at about 03 pm.
06.12.2008 [Full text]

Training on saving skill and loan for livelihood development
Above event was held at Punnaineeravi village in Kandahwalai A G As division on 15th of November, 2008 under the chair of Mr. K. Thevapalan.
15.11.2008 [Full text]

Event of awarding Certificates
The above event of awarding certificates to the students who had completed training On MS Office, conducted at Malawi with the financing of Tech, was held under the Chair of Mr.R.Subanesan, the teacher of computer centre.
11.08.2008 [Full text]

Inauguration of coir products training
The above event was held at Aninchiyankulam on 28th of April 2008 at about 10.30 am Mr.Thanapalraj, the coordinator of Vavuniya district tech presided at that event. The president of R.D.S, Aninchiyankulam, Mr.Nathan lit the traditional flame.
17.05.2008 [Full text]

Multicultural Evening in Norway
TECH conducted its cultural evening for the third consecutive year at løresnkog on 2008-03-26. It is a significant event where half of the participants and audience were natives.
07.05.2008 [Full text]


Inaugration of Training on Pappadam Production
Agriculture Natural Resource Management foundation (ANRF) implemented this program with the convenience of Research Development Operational Organization (RDOO) and with the assistance of SEWA LANKA.
07.04.2008 [Full text]

Opening event of mash production centre
Current situation in this region has brought numerous problems among the public. Recent blockade for goods and commodities have worsened the situation. The livestock breeders find difficulty in getting mash. It is anticipated this centre could produce mash and supply to livestock breeders to some extent.
07.04.2008 [Full text]

Awareness on Water sanitation
An event of awareness on water sanitation program implemented by Tech with the assistance of care was conducted at Ponnagar village on 02.01.2008.  More than 70 persons gathered at that event and a play produced by local group was screened by the Centre for Head the care organization.
[Full text]

Demonstrative Training on Home Garden
The above training program was conducted at Nathan housing scheme of Punnaineeravi village by Tech with the assistance of CARE on 12.01.2008 9.20 am and 4.45 PM.
29.02.2008 [Full text]


Event of Bicycle distribution
The beneficiaries of training on repairing and maintenance of agricultural equipments implements implemented By Mullai Technical College with the support of Tech and the assistance of WUSC were distributed with 25 bicycles.
29.02.2008 [Full text]

Event of providing loan for saving group
The member of  Nallappan saving Committee were provided with credit in view of improving common hall in Oddusuddan AGA division.  This Program was implemented by Mullai Tech with the aid of OXFAM.
29.02.2008 [Full text]

Opening event of Computer training for 2nd Batch Students and awarding certificates for the 1st Batch
The above event was held at Mallavi in Mullaithivu district on 15.09.2007 at about 2.30 pm. 25 students had qualified in that training which was conducted by TECH. It was decided to continue this training Program as there had been several requests made by public and the school students.
07.10.2007 [Full text]

Work Shop on Importance of Library in Community development
The first work shop on importance of Library was held at the college of Agriculture in Ariviyalnagar, Kilinochchi on 10.09.2007 at 10.00 am by Tech with the assistance of Japan TECH.
01.10.2007 [Full text]

Inauguration of training on tailoring
The above event was held at Iranaimadu, A-9 Road, Kilinochchi on 25th of August, 2007. Tech implements this training program me with aid of Japan Tech.
01.10.2007 [Full text]

Nutritional Security through Home Garden Project
The above project is being implemented by Tech with the assistance of SAH SOLIDAR in 8 villages like Kalmadunagar, Paranthan, Kohrakkankaddu, Ooriyan, Murasumoaddai, Kandawalai, Tharmupuram South and Punnaineeravi in Kandahwalai A..G.A|s division of Kilinochchi district.
01.09.2007 [Full text]

Lending money under the livelihood project
The second phase of this project was held at Katsilaimadu the common hall in Mullaithivu district on June 13th.2007 at 11.30 am the total  number of beneficiaries selected for this project were 80 from Muthaiyankaddu and Kanagarathinapuram.
01.09.2007 [Full text]

Inauguration of Agro Technical Training for a New Batch at College of Agriculture
There is improper management in maintaining efficient agricultural productivity, in the district of Kilinochchi. Surprisingly, 80% of the population in Kilinochchi are known as cultivators.
31.08.2007 [Full text]

Rasta school builds a chidrens home at Batticola
During 2006’s international week, Rasta Primary School raised an incredible amount of 59000 Kr. The raised sum was used towards building homes in Batticola.
15.08.2007 [Full text]

Technical College funded by The Norwegian Society of Engineers (NITO) started the academic programmes
The Technical College was established by TECH with the finance help of Norwegian Society of Engineers & Technologist in Arriviyal Nagar. The opening ceremony of this college was held on 28 th.Feb.07 at 10.30am.
28.05.2007 [Full text]

Widows get help from NORAD
A livelihood project is being conducted with the help from NORAD by TECH for the widows in Mullaitivu district. 120 Families received livelihood itemsand now the livelihood activities are being conducting very well.
07.03.2007 [Full text]

Graduation Ceremony
Eighty-four students successfully completed their courses at TRTEC, and received their diplomas on 6 th May 2006 . In Killinochchi, there are many youngsters who finish their school education, and are unemployed.
02.08.2006 [Full text]

Pre-school at Jeevanahar
Most of the children in Mullaittivu attend pre-schools that are located in small huts, or taught under the tree. This shouldn’t be the way that we teach our children, where they are learning the foundation of their future education.
01.08.2006 [Full text]

Pre-school Sports Activities in 2006
TECH Mullaittivu arranged a Sports day at Muthaiyan Kattu on 18 th May 2006. On a general note, children need physical entertainment to encourage their psychological and mental development.
30.07.2006 [Full text]

English diplomas issuing Ceremony in Mannar
On 24 th April 2006, seven students successfully completed their courses in Mannar district, Anadalkulum. This is a very deprived district, whereby receiving a computer education is extremely difficult. 30.07.2006 [Full text]

Bicycles are donated to Widows in Trincolamee
Public transport is scarce, and private transport is expensive for those living on a low income in Karadipooval, Trincomale district. Local markets, shops and other establishments are scattered around the village.
07.04.2006 [Full text]

Asian Development Bank funds Venue for Local Market
 The building that is to hold local markets started its construction on 31 st March 2006 , in Kandavalai, Palai district. TECH received financial help from Asian developing bank to pay for the construction work.
04.04.2006 [Full text]

Computer Lab at Vadarmachi
After the tsunami that struck in December 2004, Vadamadchi is now considered to be one of the most affected areas of North-East Sri-Lanka. Majority of the people in Vadamarchi are fisherman, and depend only on fishing as their source of income.
[Full text]

Donation of Books and Stationery for Children
Ampari district has been badly affected through war and the natural disaster tsunami. It is one of the many locations that TECH is aiming to help. TECH’s vision for Ampari is to increase the number of children who are educated.
24.03.2006 [Full text]

Public Hall in Palampaasy at Mullaittivu district
There has been a long standing need among the people of Palampaasy, for a public hall to be built. The public hall will serve the purpose of holding cultural events, social gatherings and meetings, i.e. a place where the public can voice their opinions of how their community should be developed.
[Full text]

CARE helps Farmers in Mannar
The farmers in Mannar need up-to-date knowledge, and better tools that will help in attaining high yield crop. A sound knowledge is required, to recognise diseases that might affect crop growth, as well as knowledge in preventing diseases occurring.
02.03.2006 [Full text]

Palmyra Handicraft Training Centre in Mannar
A Palmyra handicraft training centre by ILO was opened on 2 nd March 2006 in Pallamadhu, Mannar district. Since in the recent past, there has been a drastic reduction in the usage of palmyra leaves, this meant that there was abundant supply that could be made use in the production of handicrafts.
02.03.2006 [Full text]

Electricity is still a luxury in most parts of the North-East, with a few exceptions in some towns. There are many people who have never seen electricity used in errands. 24.02.2006 [Full text]

Tailoring Centre in Mannar
With the help of TECH France , a tailoring centre was setup on 23 rd February 2006 in Andankulam, Mannar district. TECH France donated 600,000 Rs towards this project, which bought ten new sewing machines for the centre.
23.02.2006 [Full text]

The Norwegian Society of Engineers (NITO) funds the Electronic Department of a Technical College
NITO is the largest Trade Union for Engineers in Norway . It has over 53 000 members from all engineering backgrounds. NITO have made a contribution of 200,000 NOK to help the development of a technical college to teach electronic engineering. [Full text]

Computer centre at Killinochchi
There is an increased interest from youngsters both male and female who wish to pursue their studies in technical subjects. Due to the poverty conditions that surround them, and the lack of funding to pay for tuitions fees and transport, this is not a possibility for the majority. [Full text]

ILO funds computer centre in Mannar
International Labour Organization (ILO) funded computer-training centre for Vellankulam area in Mannar was declared open on 25 January 2006 at 10 a.m. The centre provides timely opportunity for the Vellankulam residents for training in basic computer skills. [Full text]

Muttaiyankattu preschool funded by Asker Baerum Tamiler Inayam in Norway
Project Co-ordinator at The Economic Consultancy House, Mr Pulendran, presided over the foundation stone laying ceremony for a new preschool for children of the war-affected community in Jeevanagar, Muttaiyankattu in Mullaitivu district. [Full text]

Pre-School in Mulaitheevu funded by TECH Japan
On 15 th January 2006 , the foundations of the pre-school in Mulaitheevu were put in place. This project was dedicated and organised in memory of Japanese Mr. Wyman, whose life was taken away by the Tsunami. The project was funded by TECH in Japan , who donated a $50000 for the school’s successful running. [Full text]

Progress Report of the Concrete Manufacturing Enterprise built b Hindu Cultural Centre Oslo Norway

With financial contribution from Hindu Cultural Centre Oslo Norway , a concrete block manufacturing company was setup on the 9 th of December 2005 . This enterprise is functioning exceptionally well, although it faced many difficulties in the month of December. [Full text]

New Boat Site at Ariviyal Nagar (Knowledge City), Killinochchi
The opening ceremony of a new boat-yard site in Ariviyal Nagar (Knowledge City) was held on 14 th January 2006. GTZ is a company owned by the government in the Federal Republic of Germany.
[Full text]

Donation of School Materials
Mullaitivu is a district, which was severely affected, by the civil war and tsunami. There were many schools that were damaged, and due to this, there are heavy shortages in the supply of school materials for children. [Full text]

Training centers open in Pooneryn
Opening event for a Sewing Training Center and a Center for Animal Husbandry Training built with financial aid from Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) and International Labor Organization (ILO) was held in Pooneryn Monday. [Full text]

Training in Rice Cultivation
International Development Agency (DANIDA) and International Labor Organization (ILO) donated 226,000 Rs to train individuals in how to cultivate rice. [Full text]

TECH in Germany helps War affected Families
On 9/12/2005 , the German TECH selected twenty-five war affected families. Bank serving books containing 2500 Rs were donated to these families, in aid of re-building their lives. [Full text]

Concrete-block manufacturing facility opened in Odduchudan by Hindu cultural center Oslo Norway
The opening ceremony of a factory that builds concrete blocks from cement was declared open in Odduchudan 09-12-2005 Friday. Ten lacks of rupees were donated to TECH from Hindu cultural center Oslo, Norway.
[Full text]

Helping farmers in the Cultivation of their Upper Terrain
Three and a half lacks of rupees were donated to TECH from ILO, whereby the money was to be used to train existing farmers in producing maximum yield. One factor that contributes to the growth of healthy vegetation is how fertile the land is. [Full text]

Opening of Palmyra Handicraft training Centre in Pallai
Palmyra trees grow in huge amounts in the nothern part in the island of Sri Lanka. As a consequence of the war, many of them have been destroyed. There has been a long-standing tradition, where the leaves of these trees have been used to produce beautiful and cleverly made handicrafts. Due to the lack of Palmyra trees and ignorance by natives, this culture and tradition has been lost. [Full text]

TECH awards diplomas and launches a Tailoring course
In Odduchudan , TECH awarded diplomas to their fellow students on 03 Sep 2005, who achieved the completion of their computer training courses. During the same period, a tailoring training centre was launched by TECH, who continues to set up many skilled centres that they can manage. [Full text]

Anniversary event at TECH in Tricomalee
42 students who successfully completed the City and Guilds Computer Training Course, conducted with the sponsorship of London TR TECH received certificates. Medals were awarded to students who excelled in computer-information technology.
[Full text,]

Himiltan Alexandra School, Australia, organises the funding for Odduchudan Children’s park
Himiltan Alexandra School from Victoria , Australia , in conjunction with TECH, opened a children’s park in Ottisutan on 9 th August 2005. [Full text]



TR TEC opens a Technical Institute
London TR TEC financially helped TECH to open a technical training institute, where its opening ceremony took place on 5 th Aug 2005. [Full text]


Seminar in building construction
On 6 th July 2005, Professor Sittharthan from USA held a seminar at TECH. His class objectives were to teach the science behind cracks and crevices: focussing on how these cracks develop in buildings, and how to avoid them. [Full text]


TECH opens a Women’s Hostel for the female workers at Elephant Pass Salt Factory
On 30 th June 2005, with the financial aid of GTZ, TECH opened a women’s hostel for the female employees of Elephant Pass Salt Factory. [Full text]



TECH sets up a Project Management seminar
The North-East island of Sri-Lanka, suffered many disasters as a consequence of the war. Due to this, no special institutions were established to teach project management: a course that is essential, for the successful management of operations, running the nation. [Full text]


15 Mannar Schools receives Solar Panels from TECH
Mannar is considered to be one of the most undeveloped districts in the island of Sri-Lanka. It has had a huge after effect from the war, and is suffering in many needs. [Full text]



TECH Norway provides essential goods to improve the lives of North-East People
The Norwegian establishments donated many used PCs for people in the North-East region of Sri-Lanka. These PCs working conditions were checked, and upgraded by the TECH members and other Tamil Diasporas. [Full text]


Workshop on the social, economical and environmental impact of the Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project on the North East Sri Lanka.
The Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project (SSCP) has been proposed by India . The National Engineering and Environmental Research Institute (NEERI) have carried out research on the environmental impact of the SSCP; however, the findings have not been made available to the public. [Full text]

Book Launch and Follow-up Workshop for the “International Workshop on Environmental Management in North-East Sri Lanka
An international workshop was held in Thirunelvely, Jaffna was held during 1 st -4 th December 2003 by the above committee. This workshop was organized by a joint committee consisting of members from the University of Jaffna , Eastern University and TECH, and was funded by UNDP. [Full text]

Solar Panels in schools
On 4 th June 2005 , an important event took place in Konarvill Government Tamil School , to honour the parents of heroes. The highlight of this event was the distribution of solar panels to the schools and nurseries, which were suffering from no electricity supply. [Full text]

TECH distributes Solar Panels in Trincomalee district
TECH realised the value of providing solar panels to the people. It would bring the war stricken people an opportunity to have electricity during the evenings, which we all take for granted. This valuable necessity would allow children to study in the afterlight hours, and others to continue with their daily tasks.
[Full text]

ILO fund bakery training centre in Mannar
The International Labour Organisation (ILO) made the essential step forward, in re-building our nation, by funding the Bakery Training Centre located in Illupaikadavai in Mannar district. The ILO recognised that the people living in the Mannar area, suffered from extreme poverty, as a result of the war.
[Full text]

Technical College opened in Mullaitivu and classes were started
Technical college in Mullaitivu with courses designed to prepare skilled workforce for the immediate and future needs for large-scale needs for Northeast development was opened on 21.05.2005 at 10.30 am. Presided by special commissioner Mr. Krishnapillai. [Full text]


Boats handing over to Tsunami affected fisherman at Thalaiadi
The ceremony of the distribution of boats and fishing gears to fishermen of Vadamaradchy East region, who were affected by Tsunami was held by the Economic Consulting House on 15.05.2005.
[Full text]


Nedunkerni schools receive free Solar Lighting Systems
The Solar Lighting Units will help the evening classes at these schools and will assist in the long term educational development of children in the impoverished areas. [Full text]


TECH Canada offer lighting system for the war affected and displaced families
The primary goal of Solar Home Systems is to provide a sustainable solution to meet the domestic energy demands in North and East of Sri Lanka. Primary component of this solution is the Solar Home System (SHS). [Full text]


TECH Executive Director’s visit to Europe
Mr S.Suhunan, Executive Director of TECH, is currently visiting various European countries. His objective is to promote the communication and co-ordination, between the many tech organisations found in Europe. [Full text]


TECH producing Skilled workers
TECH is building a new Technical Institute in Mullaitivu to train Masons, Carpenters, Electricians, Fitters, Machine operators and other skilled workers to fulfil the current need of workers for building of houses and infrastructure in theTsunami affected areas. Training will also include outboard motor repair and fibre glass boat repair. [Full text]

Helping the Trinco fishermen
Twenty seven fishermen of Pallathoddam village who lost their belongings in tsunami received new sets of fishing gear. [Full text]



Trinco TECH purifying wells in Tsunami hit areas
TECH of the Trincomalee district funded by the Australian TECH has launched a project purifying all wells in Tsunami hit coastal areas in the district from salinity. Most of the wells in the coastal areas in the Divisional Secretariat divisions of Kuchchaveli, Kinniya, Eeachilampathu and Muttur were flooded with seawater, sources said. [Full text]

Sri Lanka: Close to 18,500 vessels lost or damaged
Press Release: United Nations. Monday, 17 January 2005, 9:14 am

TRO DMU Situation Report 06/01 – Tidal Waves hit Sri Lanka

Macroeconomic approach should govern reconstruction - Don
Professor V. Nithyanantham of the Dept. of Economics, Jaffna University, said that planners should adopt a macro-economic approach to reconstruction taking into account relevant humanitarian and social factors. [Full text]


Executive director of (UNICEF) visits Mullaitivu
Ms Carol Bellamy, Executive Director of the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF), travelled to Kilinochchi Monday morning around 8.30 a.m., where she met with children from Senthalir Illam who had escaped death and Mr. Reggie, Executive Director of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization. [Full text]

Sri Lanka's death toll rises to 30,229
Sri Lanka's official death toll aftermath of the tsunami disaster today rose to 30,229 with over 3,500 people still missing, amidst pouring international relief and rescue assistance in terms of man and materials. According to the Social Services Ministry statistics, Amparai district was the worst hit area with 10436 deaths. [Full text]

Project to restart the Mullaitivu fishing industry
We have issued a project plan costing nearly Rs2 billion, to assist the more than 5700 fishing families in Mullaitivu district affected by the tsunami disaster to return to their traditional trade, TECH officials told. [Full text]


IT Centers opened in Mullaitivu Schools
Two Information Technology centers were opened in Puthukudiyiruppu Maha Vidiyalayam and Mullaitivu Mahavidyalayam Monday as part of the second phase of a project undertaken by The Economic Consultancy House (TECH), Non-Governmental Non-Profit Sharing Organization registered with the Government of Sri Lanka, to provide computer learning facilities for 5000 students in 50 schools, sources from Mullaitivu said.[Full text]

Mechanization improves salt production at Elephant Pass
Mechanized iodization and the new building housing machinery constructed at a cost of more than Rs.6m from funds provided by UNICEF have improved production of table salt from Elephant Pass and Kurunchativu salterns. More than 16 metric tons of salt, or about 20% of the output of 1990s were produced in the last twelve months from the 12 acres of salt pans brought back to production after the war, officials at facility said. [Full text]