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TECH believes that each and every one of us would want to give their share in the process of developing our land, regaining our losses make it flourish again. However the concern could be "how do we do that". TECH is formulated with an intention to help our people help our motherland in all the aspects where there is a need.

TECH in practice

The origin and the background of TECH is explained in Tech info. TECH has contact offices running internationally assuring easy access to current information on relevant activities, available resources, proper guidance and prompted responses to your questions in order to help you participate in development activities in the North-East of Sri Lanka.

An office near your residence can be contacted upon your interest of participation. Likewise, should there be a need for some expertise, based on the TECH-database mentioned above, a contact office can search for a skilled person locally, approach him/her to seek their opinion and participation in a development activity.

TECH and You

  • TECH adopts the World Wide Web technology to communicate with our people and to assure that important information is provided to all.
  • TECH maintains a database aiming to gather all international expertise under one root. We especially encourage people from our own community to register with TECH and help us developing the database globally. We also welcome professional, skilled expertise from other nations who may be concerned about the development of the North-East of Sri Lanka to join hands with us.
  • TECH will support you in all possible ways should you wish to engage in a development activity in the North-East of Sri Lanka.
  • TECH urges you to learn about our targeted projects and help us realizing them by forming partnerships with welfare organizations and NGOs.
  • TECH advices you to encourage investments in ventures that promote economic self- sufficiency.

Initial share
While being engaged in the development activities, what we witness is the acute shortage of various resource needs. Consequently, our prime activities are focussed on emphasizing our share to fill the gap between the needs and available and obtainable resources in order to fulfil those needs.

The shortage of human resources observed in the North-East calls for an attention and contribution from our people from all around the world. Immediate needs are recognised in the following areas.

  • Health sectors
  • Administration of education system
  • Teaching
  • Accountancy
  • Skilled labour and Technical staff
  • Public sectors
  • Micro finance
  • Capacity building

A local capacity building by involving in the local economic development, public administration and local government, private sectors and civil society development.

Apart from the basic human resource needs, there is also an immense need of infrastructure resources for realizing our development activities in the North-East of Sri Lanka. To name such needs, we can mention a few of them.

  • Need for design concepts and know how skills.
  • Need for alternate building materials
  • Need for project management skills and tools
  • Need for plant and machinery
  • Need for environmental and resource management:
    • Standards: EIS and ISO 14 000 standards
    • Eco tourism concepts
    • Using technology for policy development.

The Role of the Diaspora

  • Brain storming for collective efforts
  • Mobile resources, both human and material
  • Initiate individual and institutional efforts
  • Promote the economic development of homeland among friends
  • Transform plans into actions

As already mentioned, the TECH functions as a channel to coordinate the technically skilled people and professionals around the world, and to work towards the development of our motherland. Our share and contribution will lay the path to bring our nation to be technically par to the developed countries.

So, lets join our hands and start our journey towards our mission.