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Development projects

Agricultural Development Project-AD-01

"Karali" Artificial Insemination Centre

Livestock rearing is important for the people of the Northeast provinces of Sri Lanka for their economic needs, for self-employment and nutritional needs. The Vanni region is an ideal place for livestock rearing with large areas of grazing ground. The people of Vanni greatly depend on livestock to enhance their quality of life. However, due to lack of development, facilities and infrastructure over the decades, people of Vanni have been raising low quality local livestock with cows only producing 1-2 L of milk each and the goats weighting 12-18kg each for many generations. According to the census in 2002, there were 960 000 cows and 30,000 goats in the Vanni region most of which are of low quality. Thus the people are lacking in nutritional foods and having difficulty in generating income from their livestock. The Artificial insemination centre was initiated by TECH in order develop the livestock and assist the people in generating their own income and to produce their own nutritional foods.


Karali Artificial Insemination Centre, 155th Post, Kilinochchi

In Progress

People in the Kilinochchi, Mullaithevu, Mannar Districts

Rs 2476 000.00 - UNDP
Rs 500 000.00 - TECH-France (Mr.Pararajahsekaran)
Rs 2976 000.00 - TECH

The centre is raising pure Jersey bulls, Jamunapari and Sanan stud goats and also growing high quality grass to feed the animals. The sperms from these animals are removed 3 times a week and after examining them for their strength, quality and growth, the best sperms are mixed with appropriate substances and stored and transported to the outside centers. The sperms obtained from the bulls and the stud goats are enough for 40-60 cows and 10-25 goats respectively. However, due to lack of facilities around Vanni such as freezing facilities and lack of transport and skilled personnel, not all of the sperms are being utilized. The cost of producing and transporting the sperms is Rs 450 for each cow or goat. With the help of government departments the insemination is provided for each cow at Rs 100 and a goat at Rs 50.