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Development projects

Community Development

The two decades of war has left most of the communities in Northeastern Sri Lanka, especially the rural community in state of destruction without any development with only 15% road intact with more than 700,000 new road connections needing, 90% power grid connections damaged, 15,000 classrooms in 500 schools totally damaged, 326,700 homes damaged, 49,400 new homes needing and 18,500 homes are inaccessible due to the occupation of the armed forces of Sri Lanka. Also only 20% has access to safe drinking water, 25% has access to sanitation facilities and there is no access to recycling facilities. The TECH's community development aims to assist the people of Northeast to develop their communities and meet their needs such as water supply by building wells and reconstructing tanks, sanitation needs with building toilet blocks, building, repairing and electrifying community centers and homes. TECH is developing the most marginalized communities with the limited fund that is available with input from the communities. This project uses the locally available resources to strengthen the communities.

North East Provinces - Sri Lanka

Those in the North East Provinces

TECH, many local and international NGO's and Tamil Diasporas.

Some of the Community development projects carried out to meet the basic needs of the population are as follows:

  • Construction and repair of wells
  • Construction of toilet facilities
  • Building and repairing community centers
  • Reconstruction and repair of Tanks
  • Road construction and repair
  • Repair of houses and public buildings
Activity Location (Villages) Cost Funded Numbers Completed
Construction and repair of wells Mangulam High school FORUT 40
(40 open wells have been constructed) Kalvilan Church FORUT  
Vellangkulam FORUT  
Uyilangkulam School FORUT  
Aanaivilunthan FORUT  
Maaraieluppai FORUT  
Muththayankaddu FORUT  
Palampasi 118200 FORUT  
Poothanvayal FORUT  
Mathavaalasingan FORUT  
Kumarpuram FORUT  
(common well) Muththayankaddu TECH 1
(common well) Thadduvan TECH 1
(common well) Chinnachchalampan TECH 1
Muththayankaddu 2009400 CARE 4 (11)
Oddisuddan   CARE 5 (6)
Pillar temple well Periyaiththimadu CARE 1
Construction of toilet blocks Mallavi Hospital TECH
Paalinagar TECH
Kalvilan TECH
Muththayankaddu 113480 CARE 4
Mallavi TECH
Palampasi TECH
Poothanvayal TECH
Oddisuddan 170220 CARE 6
Kumarpuram TECH
Thannimurippu TECH
Community Hall Poothanvayal TECH
Thanduvan 151372 FORUT
Construction and repair of houses Angkathankudiyiruppu TECH
Muththayankaddu TECH
Katchilaimadu TECH
Mulliyavalai TECH
Palampasi TECH
Thanduvaan TECH
Meriyaiththimadu TECH
School building construction Palampasi 61925 FORUT
School building Repair Kalvilan TECH
Paalinagar TECH
Poonagarinallur TECH
Repair of Tank bounds Palampasikkulam TECH
Thavasikulam 371600 FORUT