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Development projects

Income Generation Project-IG-01

Supplying Livestock

There are many families in the Northeast provinces of Sri Lanka who have lost their income generating capacity and thus are facing severe hardship including malnutrition and disruption to children's education. There are also many single headed families especially women headed families who find it difficult to manage external work and family responsibilities. TECH initiated this project of assisting these families by providing them with hens and cows so they can generate their own income from home and provide nutritional food to their children.

North-East provinces - SriLanka

In Progress

Families below the poverty line in the North-East provinces SriLanka.

Rs 625 795.00
FORUT, CARE, TECH, Shri Naga Poosani Amman Alayam-UK

Good breed of cows and hens are grown at the TECH's integrated model farm and once they reach the right stage, they will be provided to the beneficiaries. When more hens or cows are needed for supply, it is obtained from outside. Each beneficiary reaches either one cow or hens and feeds totaling Rs 7500. The beneficiaries are also training in livestock rearing and are assisting on an on going basis to increase their income. They are also assisted to obtain loans to further expand their livestock rearing.