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  • Agricultural development
    Intention is to try to improve the lives of the agricultural families by assisting them in many ways, providing them faming implements, livestock, revolving loans and training.

    Fields of interests:
    • Agricultural extension for organic farming
    • Seed and seeding production for local consumption
    • Distribution of farming for IDPs
    • Compost Making and developing local organic fertilisers
    • Bee keeping and honey processing
    • Home gardening for food security
    • Encouraging alternate crops(pulses) to paddy
    • Encouraging and building farmer cooperatives.
    • Encouraging farmer education
    • Encouraging poultry Production, Milk Production, Milk Distribution, Milk Processing
    • Establish Veterinary Clinics
    • Artificial Insemination Project
    • Cattle up-breeding and early stage caring
    • Stud Centres

    Current, running projects in the above fields:
  • Fisheries Development
    One of the important export resources available in the North-East is fisheries. It is therefore important to protect and develop.

    Fields of interests:
    • Fresh water aquaculture
    • Prawn culture
    • Fish Processing
    • Provision of fishing utilities

  • Small industries
    Many small industries are destroyed, abandoned and being non-functional in the present situation. It would be ideal to invest on small industries and provide employment opportunities in the North-East during the coming development period.

    Fields of interest:
    • Home-based food processing
    • Hand Craft production
    • Weaving
    • Paper bag manufacturing
    • Ice cream making

  • Irrigation projects

    Fields of interests:
    • Building and repair of major and minor water holding tanks
    • Repair of drainage channels
    • Alternate water use strategies (eg: drip irrigation)

  • Non-Formal Education

    Fields of interests:
    • Vocational Training
    • Computer Training
    • On the job training
    • School Programs
    • Killinochchi Technical College
    • On-farm agricultural and livestock management training
    • Providing facilities for University training
    • Vanni Technology

  • Income generation projects
    Internally displaced families suffer from malnutrition, due to lack of access to nutritious foods and lack of funds to afford this and other basic needs such as proper house, water facilities, electricity, roads and education for the children. TECH aims to reduce this burden on the internally displaced and the poverty stricken by assisting in finding ways of generating their own income. The funds for the projects are obtained from the Tamil expatriates around the world and other funding agencies.

    Current, running projects in the above fields:
  • Environmental protection projects
    Majority of the North East is alien to the electricity concept. The education of the youth in most rural areas of North East is affected by lack of electricity supply. In order to improve this situation, TECH is planning to supply solar systems with the overseas funds.

    Current, running projects in the above fields:
  • Environmental protection projects
    The TECH's community development aims to assist the people in the North-East to develop their communities and meet their needs such as water supply, sanitation.

    Current, running projects in the above fields:

The list will go on and on. Yes, we hope that our mission will continue to grow through generations and live to promote self-sufficiency and self-reliance. Thus we can be certain, that one day our motherland will be par above the developed countries.

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