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Backyard Poultry Farming Project

Sector: Poultry

Location: Ramanathapuram, Kilinochchi

Implementing Agency: The Economic Consultancy House (TECH)

Target Group: 30 families of low income groups and country fowl keepers who are internally displaced and live under the poverty line


  • Inadequate number of good quality country fowl strain
  • High cost of formulated feed
  • Disease out-breaks (Ranikhet)
  • Lack of veterinary services
  • Inadequate marketing facilities

Immediate Objectives:

  • Supplementary income
  • To improve the nutritional standards of farming families and the elimination of malnutrition
  • Support and cooperation of LIBCO
  • Support and co-operation of poultry produce consumers

External Factors Affecting Achievement Objectives:

  • Compete with commercial poultry keepers
  • Extraneous supply of eggs and meat from southern regions
  • Support cooperation and coordination of DAPH (NEP)

Output of the Project:

  • Increasing egg and meat production
  • Increase in number of chicks/birds
  • Assurance for the growth of younger generation with nutritional values
  • Alleviation of poverty and malnutrition

Describe the Target Group’s Participation in Planning of the Project:

  • The need for an increase in country fowl population
  • Identification of poverty-stricken, low-income and internally displaced family
  • Need for the identification of bonafide poultry keepers

Describe Target Group’s participation in implementation:

  • Family labour is provided for construction of poultry shed and for looking after the birds.

Describe how the project book will benefit the Target Group:

  • The productivity and income of target group will be increased
  • Improvement of living standard of internally displaced, poverty stricken, and low-income families
  • Efficient utilization of family labor
  • Efficient disposal of kitchen and farm refuse.
  • Increases the nutritional status of the family
  • Provide chicken as replacement stock.

Describe how the project may affect the situation of women:

  • The living standard of women will be increased due to increase in family income

Describe how the project will affect the environment:

  • Disease out-breaks and problems
  • Eco-friendly farming system

Describe how the project will be operated and maintained in future:

  • This project will be operated by TECH
  • The project will be maintained with generated income

Project Cost:



Unit cost


Total cost

Assistance and issue of material for the establishment of poultry shed




Issue of month old pullets 30 in No @ Rs.100.00 each




Supply of feeders and waterers




Supply of poultry feed up to the laying point







360,000 .00


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