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Project sketch

1. Name: Establishment of high quality fodder resource centre.

2. Location: Kilinochchi

3. Implementing agency: TECH

4. Target group: Karali AI centre

5. Problems:

  • Non availability of good quality grass.
  • Scarcity of greens for livestock during cultivation.
  • Lack of technical knowledge in pasture and fodder raising.

6. Immediate objectives:

  • To fulfill the green matter requirement.
  • To issue better quality material to farmers.
  • To establish model farm to conduct training classes.
  • To train both farmers and unemployed youth about technology of fodder establishment. Specially on defoliation and quality of maintenance.

7. The external factors affecting the achievement of the project:

    • Financial support
    • Competence for land with cultivation.

8. Out put of the Project:

  • Increase the production of high quality fodder.
  • Fulfillment of the requirement of the planting material for livestock farmers.

9. Describe target groups participation in planning of project: Interest and eagerness of the Farmer.

10. Describe target groups participation in implementation:

  • Technically skillful personnel to conduct training.
  • Adequate financial support.
  • Enthusiasm of livestock farmers and training.

11. Describe how the project will benefit the target group:

  • Increase the food requirement livestock farmers specially for stall fed and semi intensive livestock keepers.
  • Fulfillment of the requirement of planting material in low price.
  • Improvement in quality maintenance and fodder defoliation techniques.

12.Describe how project may affect the situation of women: By occupying women in planting, irrigation, defoliation management practices the productivity and income will be increased and living standard also be changed.

13. Describe how project may affect the environment: Pasture land will be developed extensively, intensive utilization of Fertilizers and agro chemicals will affect the fertility of soils as well as the natural equilibrium and interaction between biotic and a biotic environment.

14.Describe how project will be operated and maintained in future : The project will be operated by the TECH as the project maintained the usual budgetary allocation for the maintenance of this project.

15. List of Input required and their estimated cost:

Activity Total(Rs)  

  • Land preparation for 10 ac (@ Rs.5000.00) 50,000.00
  • Fencing (@Rs.20,000.00) 200,000.00
  • Labor 150,000.00
  • Fuel for irrigation 54,000.00

Total 319,000.00



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