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District: klinochi

1. Project title : Establishment of private fruit crop nursery in control environment(Green house).

2. Target group: Vanni orchard farmers.

3. Location: TECH, Vaddakachchi

4. Out come:

  • 3 nos green house nurseries will be established 20,000 fruit crop seedlings will be produced annually. 50 nursery men will be trained in quality seedlings production technology. Orchard farming families will be benefited directly.

5. Justification:

There is severe shortage for quality fruit plant. Due to the war, most of the fruit plants and private farms were destroyed. With the peace program demand for fruit plants is expected. This nursery will be increased the supply of plants. it also provide training and create employment to surrounding farm families.

6. Objectives:

  • To increase the availability of quality fruit plants
  • To create employment and generate income to surrounding families c. To increase the extent of the fruit crops.

 7. Mode of intervention:

 Three green house nurseries will be established in TECH, Vaddakachi integrated model farm. Monthly training and technical guidance will be provided to selected farmers.

 8. Activities :

  • Establishment of green house
  • establishing of mother plants
  • Issuing seedling
  • providing training and guidance.

Estimated cost :

Establishment of 3 green houses 30’x20’: 240,000.00
Establishment of orchard plants 75,000.00
Training 50,000.00
Management 25000.00

Total 390,000.00

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