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SECTOR : poultry
PROJECT No. : 08

General Condition

Name and brief description of project

Purchase of hatchery machine.



TECH, Vaddakachchi model farm

Implementing agency


Target Group

Poultry farmers of Mullaitivu District.



Inadequate supply of day old chicks.

The financial status of the farmers and their families below the poverty line.


Immediate Objectives

Promote the supply of day old chicks and increase the production and income of farmers.


External Factors affecting the achievement objectives

Bringing down of chicks from south

Contagious disease

Outputs of the project

  • Poultry production and income of farmers increased
  • Self employment opportunities increased.



Describe target group participation in Planning of the project

The need of day old chicks identified by farmers.

Describe Target Group’s participation in implementation

TECH will contribute for the selection of beneficiaries.


Describe how the project will benefit the target group

Productivity and income of farmers will be increased.


Describe how the project may affect the situation of women

The women members will be engaged.

  • Loading of eggs into hatcheries.
  • Cleaning of hatchery machine.
  • Marketing of Production.




Describe how the project may affect the environment

Environmental neutrally.


Describe how the project will be operated and maintained in future.



List inputs required a nd their estimated cost.

Generator : 150,000.00
Other Equipments: 25,000.00
Total :350,000.00


Scheme/Program /system that usually undertake to provide this facility.

Not Applicable


Scheme for not utilizing the facility provided under existing scheme.

Not Applicable

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