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Strengthening of Inland Fishing


Mullaitivu District.


Implementing agency

TECH, Mullaitivu.


Target Group

Part of the Inland Fishermen of Mullaitivu District will be the Target group.



  • Though we have enough resources for Inland fishing it has been overlooked both by the Govt. Sector as well as the Non Govt. Units.
  • Inadequacy of fishing gear.


Immediate Objectives

Promote and development of inland fishing and increase the production and income of fishermen.


External Factors affecting the achievement objectives

Funds to be released in time.

Outputs of the project

Fishermen who have lost their fishing gear supplied with fishing gear

Fish Production increased.

Self employment opportunities increased.


Describe target group participation in Planning of the project


The needs of fishing gear identified by fishermen.

Describe Target Group’s participation in implementation


Selecting of beneficiaries will be done by the Fishermen Societies.

Describe how the project will benefit the target group

Productivity and income of fishermen will be increased.


Describe how the project may affect the situation of women

Living standard of women will be increased due to the increasing of family income.

  • Preparation of fishing gear
  • Repair of fishing gear.
  • Marketing of Production.
  • Processing.


Describe how the project may affect the environment


It is not hazards to the environment

Describe how the project will be operated and maintained in future.



List inputs required

and their estimated cost.

Supply of Fishing Crafts.


Fishing Crafts

10 Nos. x 24,000.00

0.24 Mn.

Fishing gear set

10 Nos. x 10,000.00

0.10 Mn.





Scheme/Programme /system that usually undertake to provide this facility.

Not Applicable


Scheme for not utilizing the facility provided under existing scheme.


Not Applicable

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