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SECTOR : Dairy

Name and brief description of project

Establishment of milk collecting centre



Implementing agency


Target group

Dairy rearing farmers


  • Scattered milk production
  • Inefficient milk extraction and marketing
  • Excess milk production in remote area while the requirement is in urban areas.

Immediate objectives

  • Elutriating the milk wastage
  • To encourage the milk extraction by complete milking
  • To promote the milk production and consumption especially in urban area.

The external factors affecting the achievement of the project

  • Financial support.
  • Demand for milk.
  • Support & Co-operation of milk producers and consumes.
  • Support and co-ordination of milk collections.

Output of the project

  • Establishment of milk collection centre.
  • Installment of milk storage facilities
  • Even distribution of milk for consumer.
  • Employment opportunity.
  • Induce the milk extraction rate

Describe Target groups participation in planning of project

Scheduled time of milking & proper time of arrival in chilling centre.

Describe Target groups participation in implementation

Dairy producers should be encouraged by the premium price of milk.

Describe how the project will benefit the target group

  • Reduce the wastages
  • Generates income and employment opportunity.
  • Improve living standard.

Describe how the project may affect the situation of women

By the provision of premium prices dairy keeping by women will be enhanced thereby family income & living standard will be improved.

Describe how the project may affect the environment

Eco-friendly operation.

Describe how the project will be operated and maintained in future

The project will be operated by the TECH as the project maintained the usual budgetary allocation for the maintenance of the project.


List of inputs required and estimated cost

Capacity 500lit

Description of item

Total amount

01. Milking cans

20 l 10 cans x 5000


10 l 10 cans x 2500


02. Bicycle 5x 7500


03. Labor charges (6000x2x12+40x400)


04. Other equipments


05. Chilling tank



347,500 .00


Scheme/ Program/ System that usually under take to provide this facility/ activity/ service.


Reasons for not utilizing the facility provided under the exiting scheme.


Project sketch prepared by






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