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SECTOR : Poultry

Name and brief description of project

Supply of month old pullets (1000)



Implementing agency


Target group

Poultry farmers of Kilinochchi district


  1. In adequate supply of chicks
  2. Low Quality Chick supply from South

Immediate objectives

  1. To train the unemployed educated youth. (Interesting farmers)
  2. Increasing the chick supply in Vanni region.
  3. Increase the egg and meat production in Vanni region.
  4. Improve the nutritional status.
  5. To establishing proper marketing channel.
  6. To increase the income.

The external factors affecting the achievement of the project

  1. Support, co-operation and Co-ordination of the TECH and LIBCO (PVA)
  2. Power supply.
  3. Extraneous Supply of chicks from South
  4. Extraneous Supply of egg from South

Output of the project

  1. Increase number of month old pullets.
  2. High production of egg.
  3. Income generation.

Describe Target groups participation in planning of project

Adequate skill, Knowledge and training should be obtained by farmers.

Describe Target groups participation in implementation

  1. LIBCO (PVA) should contribute in the selection of beneficiaries.
  2. The bonafida poultry keeper should be identified and selected.
  3. The supporting facilities for poultry keeping or raising should be fulfilled by the implementing agency or by others.

Describe how the project will benefit the target group

  1. The income and productivity of beneficiaries will increase.
  2. Increase the egg production through the provision of chicks.


Describe how the project may affect the situation of women

  1. Income and living standard of family will increase.
  2. The living standard of widows, disabled women, will change.


Describe how the project may affect the environment

No impact on environment

Describe how the project will be operated and maintained in future

This project will be operated by the TECH as the project maintained the usual budgetary allocation for the maintenance of this project.



Total Amount

01. 2000 day old chicks (30 x 1000)


02. Brooder construction (gas brooder)


03. Shed construction (128,800)


04. Poultry feed(2000x35x30x32/1000)


05. Labor wages (200x30x2)


06. Drugs and medicine


07. Vaccine


08. Training





349,000 .00


Scheme/ Program/ System that usually under take to provide this facility/ activity/ service.



Reasons for not utilizing the facility provided under the exiting scheme.


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