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SECTOR : Livestock

Name and brief description of project

Provision of goats to livestock farmers in Vanni



Implementing agency


Target group

Goat farmers in Vanni District


Low birth weight, low growth rate & productivity (milk & meat). Increased mortality due to

    • Inadequate milk for new born.
    • Chilling effect to adverse climate.
    • Poor nutritional status of mothers.
    • Reduced income & productivity i.e.unprofitable to keep.

Immediate objectives

  1. To upgrade the Vanni goats by Jumunapur studs, until the desired blood level obtained.
  2. Increase the productivity of livestock farming.
  3. Increase the income level of farmers.
  4. Introducing good quality Jumunapuri studs.

The external factors affecting the achievement of the project

  • Lack of adequate stud for breeding.
  • In breeding - by herd studs.
  • In breeding.
  • High financial requirement for importation of Jamunapuri studs from India or Pakistan .
  • Competence with private studs centers.

Output of the project

  • Up graded Vanni Jamunapuri crosses with desired blood level.
  • Increase the productivity

Describe Target groups participation in planning of project

  1. Castration of local indigenous herd studs before implementing the project
  2. Implementation of Tetanus control by toxicities injection against CP.tetain.
  3. Enthusiasm of farmers to upgrade their goats.

Describe Target groups participation in implementation

  1. Adequate financial support.
  2. Adequate supporting facilities should be provided, Such as medication, supply of good quality Jamunapuri studs, training on varies managerial practices.

* Training on Preparation & maintenance of production records and History sheets.

Describe how the project will benefit the target group

  1. Good quality desired blood level up-grated Vanni Jamunapuri crosses will be obtained.
  2. Increase in productivity (milk and meat production)
  3. Increase in income.




Describe how the project may affect the situation of women

The widow’s women living under poverty line and displaced family will be benefited by this project.


Describe how the project may affect the environment

Endangering and dwindling of local indigenous Vanni goats.

Describe how the project will be operated and maintained in future

This project will operated by the TECH budgetary as the as the project maintained by the usual budgetary allocation.


List of inputs required and estimated cost

100 selected family

Description of item

Total amount

01. Purchase of goats 100 x 1500


02. Purchase of studs 8 x 10,000


03. Transport


04. Feeding cost


05. Medication (Drugs & Vaccine)


Labor charges – Miscellaneous



350,000 .00






Scheme/ Program/ System that usually under take to provide this facility/ activity/ service.


Reasons for not utilizing the facility provided under the existing scheme.


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