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Protection of Sea Erosion (Planting of casuarinas)

SECTOR: Environment Protection

General Conditions


The Costal area of Maritimepattu AG.A Division


Implementing agency



Target group

Not applicable



1. Loss of valuable Land and Roads
2. This will give way for natural calamity


Immediate objectives

1. Protect Landscape from sea Erosion.
2. Protect the minerals of the earth surface.


The external factors affecting the achievement of the project


Funds should be release in time.

Output of the project

1. Collection of seeds
2. Preparation Nursery beds.
3. Maintaining of Nursery
4. Packing of seedlings.
5. Cleaning of Location for planting.
6. Transporting of seedlings to the planting area.
7. Planting.
8. Watering.
9. Prunning
10. Maintenance of the Plants


Describe Target groups participation in planning of project

The needs for the protection and prevention of sea Erosion identified by the fishermen.


Describe Target groups participation in implementation

Fishermens Co-op. Society contribute the man power for the Execution of project.



Describe how the project will benefit the target group

The project will protect sea erosion and thus the homesteads of fishermen will be prevented from the damages caused by the tidal waves of the sea.


Describe how the project may affect the situation of women

By the implementation of the project the women can concentrate in back yard occupation without fear from tidal waves.


Describe how the project may affect the environment


The Environmental neutrality will be kept.

Describe how the project will be operated and maintained in future

The project will be operated by the fishermen Co-op. Society in consultation with the TECH Mullaitivu. The Maintenance of the same project will be by the fishermen Co-op. Society on beneficiaries’ participation.



Protect of Sea Erosion – Planting of Casuarinas


Planting of seedlings, watering, maintenance etc



Scheme/ Programme/ System that usually under take to provide this facility/ activity/ service.

Not applicable


Reasons for not utilizing the facility provided under the existing scheme.

Not applicable


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