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Project Concept Paper  

1. Location: TECH- Vaddakachchi Model farm

2. Implementing agency: TECH (The Economic Consultancy House)

3.Project Title: Rearing of improved goats for upgrading programmes and reconstruction of goat sheds

4. Target groups: Vanni farmers

5. Outcome: In this farm the goat population belongs to local indigenous type of low production value. Introducing the superior male goats to the local goats population will ultimately increase the milk and meat production. Other than this, the farmers will be given institutional training on technology of goat management.

6. Justification: Livestock industry constitutes one of the main income generation activities in Vaddakachchi model farm. Introduction of this scheme will lead to increase production of meat and milk and provide knowledge in new technical method to the beneficiaries.

7. Objectives:

  • Increase in goat milk and mutton product.
  • Increase in the number of improved Jamaunapari goats.
  • Conducting training classes on goat rearing techniques and manage Practices.

8. Mode of Intervention:

  • Supply of improved Jamunapari studs and female goats to the farm.
  • Unwanted male animals will be castrated to improve this programme.
  • Farmers will be given training classes on improved, latest management practices of goat to increase productivity.

9. Activities:

  • Supply of improved Jamunapari studs and female goats to the farm
  • Reconstruction of goat shed.
  • Conducting training classes.

10.Project cost:

Purchase of improved female goats-10 in No - Rs.100, 000.00
Purchase of Upgraded studs- 02 in No - Rs.20, 000.00
Provision of feed for improved stud goats and female goats – :

For female goats- Rs.73, 000.00
For studs - Rs.18, 000.00
Housing -Rs.150, 000.00

Total - Rs.361, 000


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