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Progress Report - Demonstration of Micro Irrigation (Drip and Sprinkler)

Executive summary
The Economic Consultancy House, an NGO registered with the government of SriLanka, recently partnered with the UNDP to demonstrate novel water utilisation techniques to farmers in areas of limited water supply in Vanni. Most areas of Vanni are in the Dry Zone and experience severe limitation in water supply for agriculture. Farmers have found the demonstration in Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation very useful.


Vanni is within the Dry Zone that receives limited annual rainfall. For a region that relies heavily on agricultural production for its economic sustainability, water has become an important asset that needs to be utilized efficiently. Entrenched current agricultural practice of flood irrigation for crop production contributes to immense loss of water due to evapo-transpiration and seepage. Although investment costs for micro-irrigation methods by which water can be used efficiently are high, their application has the potential to

1. Conserve water thus reducing the use of underground water and chances of running saline and
2. Bring larger areas of land under production.

The concept of micro-irrigation is one of the outcomes of the International Workshop on Environmental Management held in December 2003. TECH which has a track record for effective agricultural extension and introduction of technology in the NorthEast undertook to demonstrate the use of efficient techniques-drip and sprinkler systems- of using water at Vaddakachchi Integrated Model Farm.

Progress of the project
It is very unfortunate that work has not progressed as planned. Though we received advance of funds later than expected we have bought all the needed equipment. But we couldn’t proceed further as we had severe rain floods in November and December followed by the tsunami. The land is being prepared now. Financial Statement is annexed.

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