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Report of UNICEF survey  

  • Selection of trainees

Selection of trainees for Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu District was completed. Here we selected 17 persons. Among those one person is extra and also this list included one measurer/Team. The following persons faced the interview which conducted by Mr.Nesanathan, Miss.Ramyadevi &Mr.Prathap from TECH.


Name list

















J.Anne Maddona




  • Vavuniya and Mannar district uncleared area survey .

With reference to the mail dated Aug 20 th from Indra Tudawe,we provided two persons to Mr.N. Sathiaruban, Unicef ,Kilinochchi .

Mr.N.Anton & Mr.T.Prathap are the persons for survey Vavuniya & Mannar respectively. It is coordinated by Mr.Arulpragasam, S.O-Mannar Kachcheri & Mr.Magalingam,S.O, Vavuniya Kachcheri.


  • Budget submission  

With reference to the mail dated Aug 18 th from Indra Tudawe, we sent the tentative estimation /budget to Dr. Indra Tudawe through Mr.N.Sathiaruban, Unicef, Kilinochchi.


  • List of village  

The Kilinochchi and Mullaithivu village name list was sent to Mr.N.sathiyaruban,Unicef,Kilinochchi. It is the initial step of the block selection.


  • Questionnaire to PDS  

In this project PDS is also involved. So we provided the questionnaire to them in order to find any short comes/defects in the form.


  • Survey for uncleared area.  

With reference to the mail dated on 30.08.2004, Mr.Antan Project officer, TECH went to Vavuniya to conduct the survey. This programme started on 4 th Sep. This programme finished on 8 th Sep and this was carried in 14 villages in Vavuniya.

Simultaneously Mannar survey programme started on 18 th Sep. Mr.Prathap Project officer, TECH presented for this survey with reference to the mail from Indra Tudawae on 17 th Sep. This programme finished on 28 th Sep and was conducted in 27 villages in Mannar.


Discussion .
With reference to the mail dated on Sep 27 th from Indra Tudawae,discussion held in TECH Conference Hall with Indra Tudawae on 30 th Sep.2004 at 12.


The minutes of meeting on Unicef Survey held on 30.09.2004 at TECH, Irranaimadu, Kilinochchi at 12.00 a.m. 

Present: Dr.Indra Tudawae(Unicef Representative).

Mr.S.Thilak (Executive director TECH).

Mr.M.Sundaramoorthy (Director TECH)

Mr.S.Nesanathan (Chief Accountant TECH)

Mr.T.Prathap (Project coordinator TECH)

Statistical Department officers Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu.

Project officers.(TECH).


Matters arising from the discussion held on 30.09.2004. The following Topics were discussed and final discussion were taken as follows.  

1. Listing operation  

Listing operation of the Unicef survey will be conducted by TECH with the assistance of Statistical Department, Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu and it will start on 4 th of October and will continue until 19 th of october.

The guidance programme of this listing operation will takeplace on 2 nd of Oct.2004 in TECH conference hall by Mrs.N.Ratha. to our field officers.

UNICEF will pay Rs.750/= per block for this listing operation. Totally they will pay Rs.150, 000/=.

2. Details of the funding

  1. Dr.Indra Tudawa said that
    • 1 st installment will be provided to TECH after the end of the listing operation and initial stage of the survey.This payment is 30% of the total budget.
    • 2 nd installment of the fund will be granted after 50% completion of questionnaires. This is 30% of the total budget.
    • The rest of the fund (40% of the total budget) will be provided in the end of the project.
    • The listing operation payment will be given after the end of the listing operation.That is Rs.150000.00.

3.Details of training classes for survey  

The training classes for the listing conducted on 02/10/2004 . This classes conducted by Mrs.N.Ratha.

4. Discussion with Statistical officers.  

Mrs.N.Ratha said to statistical officers to supervise the enumerator for listing operation in field weekly basis and should monitor the listing form.

The letter was forwarded to listing officers for the training programme of listing on 01.10.2004.

This training programme was held in TECH conference hall on 02/10/2004 , which was conducted by Mrs.N.Ratha from Colombo .

The meeting held to the listing officers in TECH conference hall on 4 th Oct.2004 at 11 a.m . The stationery item, certified letters, listing forms and instructions were provided to them.

The permission was granted to the person in charge of Administrative service Tamil Elam to get permission for this survey on 04.10.2004.

We received the permission from Administrative Service Tamil Elam to carry out the survey in both of the districts Mullaitivu and Kilinochchi on 05.10.2004.

The instruction letter about the Unicef survey was forwarded to each A.G.A .in Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu to conduct the listing without any obstacle.

On 7 th.Oct.2004. the listing programme started in each district and it was carried out by the listing officers under the supervision of project officers from TECH.

As concerning of the listing programme in Kilinochchi district 98 village’s information was gathered and completed 100% successfully. In Mullaitivu district 50 villages information was completed and rest of the villages had found in abandon nature. So that,we could not get the information fully.

All the collected data were faxed to Indra Tudawae,Unicef Colombo on 30.10.2004.

Mullaitivu District listing programme of Mullaitivu District was performed again. The list of villages was sent by Unicef which includes 100 villages. In this new list only 17 villages were the same as the previous list.

According their list, the 98 village’s information was collected successfully and faxed to Indra Tudawae,Unicef Colombo on 22/11/2004 .


Progress Reports