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Reconstruction after Tsunami

The north and east faced an unprecedented humanitarian disaster after the tsunami in the aftermath of Tsunami we also participated in relief efforts. TECH distributed RTs 1.5 million worth of relief supplies to tsunami-displaced families who sought refuge in Kilinochchi and surrounding areas. We embarked on a comprehensive survey to gather details from the affected families to formulate a comprehensive report to rebuild the areas affected by this Tsunami. This report will be submitted to various donor agencies for funding, future development in the district . We have increased our efforts to handle the tsunami disaster. Our goal is to organise and provide cover across all fields of education and training. We aim to provide job opportunities for educational, social and economic development of people of the Northern and Eastern parts of Sri Lanka

There is nothing left standing along the entire stretch from Mullaithivu to Vadamaradchi east. The devastation is total on the coast and its hinterland from 800 metres to 1.2 kilometres from the shore. Boats and fishing gear of the thousands of families that rely on the sea for their livelihood are gone,”

We work on Town and Country planning and Housing development for Tsunami affected coastal areas in North and East, and to rebuild damaged fishing boats for residents of coastal villages.

" UNDP is also providing us funding to carryout experimental micro-irrigation, tree planting and building bunds to prevent sea erosion. Australia TECH is assisting us with building a micro irrigation model farm in lands near the coast.

Photogallery - Tsunami disaster

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